Easy Aquascaping on a Budget

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What is aquascaping?   What is the buzz around Aquascaping?   It's a hobby that is particularly popular in Europe, however aquarium enthusiasts and plant lovers are getting into planting their own tanks.  There is something particularly beautiful about plants in a well lit tank and watching plants grow, thrive and naturally filter your fish tank is an added benefit. 

Aquascaping is planting your fish tank, large or small with aquatic plants and strategically placing them (foreground, Midground, background) by height, size and color. 

Tails and Snails Aquatics will be providing a 5 part Youtube Class to teach you:

-Overview of tanks and plants

-What type of substrate to purchase

-Decor such as dragon rocks, driftwood

-How to lay down substrate and add water

-Placement of Plants


-The case for using C02 or not

-Adding Fish


You can aquascape on a budget and it is a rewarding hobby!  Stay Tuned for this series in December 2019

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  • Beth en

    I 100 % agree – aquascaping is a great rewarding hobby and more people can enjoy it.

  • JWS en

    I agree with what you said, I feel that more people should write more about this topic in the future thanks for the info.

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