Adding Mystery Snails to Your Aquarium

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Purple Mystery Snails
Purple Mystery Snails


Mystery snails are beautiful.  They grow to the size of a golf ball and honestly, they look really cool in any fish tank.   The real value of mystery snails is shown when you have plants.  While some people believe that they are a hazard to a planted tank, they are not!  They eat leftover fish food, dead plant matter and most importantly the algae off the walls and plants in your tank.  


Any planted tank with lighting is going to have algae.  This is just part of the hobby.  Whether it's a bloom that makes your tank cloudy for days or weeks on end or simply green, blue, brown or black algae that grows on your filter, plants, lights - Mystery Snails take care of this for you.  Drop in a couple and they will wipe it out in a week.  If you are lucky enough to have a fully grown clutch you can move them throughout all of your tanks.

We have about 300 Mystery Snails.  All colors, all types, from pin head size to extra large golf balls. We also have a breeding fish room with 10 tanks, all of them are planted and have great lighting.  The snails are hardly a nuisance.  Dropping groups of them into each tank takes care of the detritus, the garbage on the substrate and most importantly the plants.  Plants grow better when they have no algae.  Skip the bleach treatment on your plants and get a handful of mystery snails.  Your plants will thank you for it!

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