About Us

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We are a small fresh water breeding shop and online store focusing on all kinds of beautiful and vibrant freshwater snails, shrimp, live plants and guppies including purebred and experimental guppy strains.  We also grow and maintain aquatic plants and have a fish room consisting of breeding tanks, all sustained by aquatic plants and aquascapes.  

We started out as hobbyists.  Ray the "IT fish nerd" has been in the hobby for over 30 years, starting out with salt water tanks and then moving on to freshwater.  Ray spent a lot of time learning how to build sustainable, low maintenance, non-C02 planted tanks and now boasts over 10 planted tanks that are thriving and used as breeders in the shop.

Cheryl started breeding guppies at the age of 10 on the southeast side of Chicago and has been a guppy and freshwater enthusiast ever since. Her love for angelfish, discus and corydoras shows in the grand show tank that sits in their living room.

Ray and Cheryl spend their time maintaining their inventory of guppies, snails, shrimp and plants, keeping their online store updated and maintaining their tanks, breeding snails and many different types of guppies and watching their angelfish, rams and other beauties grow.  They are determined to broaden the hobby by teaching the average hobbyist how to set up and maintain planted tanks on a budget.

Ray is VP of Operations, Logistics, Strategy, Shipping, and Supply Chain and manages all of the fish room, water quality and hands on maintenance and also oversees the Breeder Program to integrate new healthy products into Tails and Snails fish rooms.  Ray is usually the one who packs your orders!

Cheryl is the VP of Marketing and Design, Customer Service, Merchandising, Pricing, Partner Program and affiliates and refers customer to the Import Services Program.  When you email or call us, you will definitely be talking to Cheryl! 

Tails and Snails Aquatics also proudly carries brands that we trust.  Tropica Plants are pest free, sustainable and purely grown abroad and we import these plants to sell to our customers that prefer the Tropica quality.  We also trust and admire OASE and SR Aquaristik aquariums, luminaries, filtration, lighting and accessories.  You will find these quality brands throughout our offerings in aquariums, lighting, filtration and plants. 

Thank you for visiting!   Our fish and plants are home grown with much love and care.  They are fed organic vegetables and fish food and enjoy frequent water changes.  We breed #happyfish, #happysnails, and #happyplants.