100% Live Guarantee

Important Information about COVID-19 & Shipping Delays - May 9, 2020

Tails and Snails Live Guarantee

Every shipment we send comes with our CONDITIONAL 100% Live Arrival Guarantee.


- Effective May 9, 2020, you must select USPS Priority Express as your shipping option for our 100% live guarantee.  There have been extreme delays out of our control with regular USPS Priority Mail.  We understand this is more expensive, but at present we cannot guarantee you will receive your shipment within a reasonable amount of time for living fish, snails and shrimp.

- We will replace the order if you experience EXTREME and sudden weather events that were not forecasted during shipping, shipping logistical problems or clear dead on arrival (DOA) fish, shrimps or snails. 

- We will refund the order only if we are out of our current inventory.

- You must be home and accept the order at the delivery address that you provided - and take it indoors within one hour of delivery.  We will provide shipping and tracking information via USPS and you are responsible for accepting the order.  We will not honor any orders that have been address forwarded.  Address forwarding or any delays in shipping caused by your address or instructions to forward nullify and void the Guarantee. 

- If you cannot accept orders on specific dates, times or weekends, you MUST email us at orders@tailsandsnailsaquatics.com to make us aware that we must send on a date and time to ensure you are home or have the package held at your local USPS for pickup.  If you do not pickup the held order on the same day, the Guarantee is null and void. 

- If fish, shrimp or snails are dead on arrival (DOA) please send a photo within 4 hours of delivery.  Clear photo of body.  

**Note: Snails can be difficult to determine if they are alive or dead.  Most snails survive the trip fine assuming that they were not left in hot or cold conditions for any length of time.  Your snails should come out of their shell within a day or two. Please contact us with any DOA or snail concerns to determine the best way to handle.  

ALL CLAIMS, INQUIRIES AND CONCERNS MUST BE SENT TO: orders@tailsandsnailsaquatics.com.