Caramel Striped Mystery Snails
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Caramel Striped Mystery Snails

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These are Caramel Striped white foot snails. 

Our beautiful and healthy Caramel Striped Mystery Snails (Pomacea bidgesii) were bred in our tanks and have been raised feeding on plant algae, crab food and most importantly their blanched vegetables (zucchini, Kale, Greens). Please ensure you feed them – they are hearty eaters and if you cut up zucchini and drop it in the tank you will enjoy watching them eat. Ensure they have calcium for their shells – snail or crab food will meet this requirement. Mystery snails are among the largest freshwater snails in the hobby, growing to a maximum diameter of 2 inches or more. Some specimens may stay around 1 to 1 ¼ inches in diameter. Most of the Mystery snails we ship out are very young and range from 1/3 to 1 inch in diameter. Please place them into a cycled tank and feed them as soon as you receive them. Avoid moving them to different tanks for a few days.

Shipment Concerns: It is cold where we are. We will place the snails in warmers in the box and we only ship 2 day in the winter. This costs approximately $20.00. The snails may lay about the tank for a day or two. They almost always survive the trip but give them a couple days. Some will lay in the same spot for more than 1-2 days. You can smell them and unless they smell very foul, they are most likely alive and simply stressed or tired from the trip. If any come dead on arrival (doa), please photograph them within in 1 hour of shipping and we will refund you or send another. We do not guarantee extras. We provide extra snails with every order and will only refund you on your original purchase amount. We do not ship over 90F degrees and under 15F degrees! If you order and the weather is extreme we will hold it until the weather is within the appropriate parameters.

WARNING: Do not expose your mystery snails (or any other invertebrates) to products that contain copper. Many fungal and parasite treatments contain copper to treat fish. Also be aware that fish are also often shipped from online vendors with products that prevent disease these chemicals can also harm or kill invertebrates. If you have recently treated your water with these chemicals, it is not advisable to expose snails or other invertebrates to these chemicals.