Malaysian Driftwood (Large 20-26 inches long)
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Malaysian Driftwood (Large 20-26 inches long)

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Natural Malaysian Driftwood 

Malaysian driftwood is a favorite hardscape for planted aquarium enthusiast and a must for shrimp breeding.  Unlike other driftwood that will have to be waterlogged before it sinks Malaysian driftwood will sink immediately when submersed.  Malaysian Driftwood will release beneficial tannins into your water which provide antifungal protection for your shrimp.   Shrimp and snails and algae eating fish will be thankful for the extra food source provided as biofilm and algae will grow on the driftwood.   

Note: You will see a slime film form on the driftwood shrimp, snails, and many fish will be eager to eat this film.  The formation of this biofilm is a normal process and temporary and a normal decomposition process. 

Tannins will darken your water; over time the driftwood will release fewer tannins into the water.  If you are not interested in the benefits of the tannins for your tank activated carbon will absorb the tannins.    Based on our experience with regular water changes you can expect the driftwood to release tannins for up to 6-8 months.